Working with me

What it means to work with me.

I consider myself a Frontend Generalist with Expertises in Design and CSS Development and a Focus on Accessibility. People usually think of me as a T-Shaped person, I feel more congruent with a "W", even though my actual shape is more related to the letter "B".

I am studying Counselling Sciences and Management of Social Systems, which makes me a "Systemiker". This way of thinking informs how I relate to myself as an IT professional. One of the key changes in how I approach this, is a solution-focused (Steve de Shazer / Insoo Kim-Berg) mindset.

A Solution-Focused mindset consequentially centers individuals in its logic. Carl Rogers identifies 3 core conditions of person-centeredness: Congruence, Empathy and Unconditional, Positive Regard. These are good principles to follow, not just as a person, but especially as a IT Professional who constantly encounters the conflicts of business-driven reduction of human complexity.

I have a radical approach to inclusion. It means, inclusion needs to happen at the very root (root = radix, becomes "radical" = to the root). It is not an afterthought but instead a logical conclusion, of unconditionally regrading humanity as good. Human made systems need to evolve with human complexity, not reduce it.

This is what a former colleague of mine told me once. Ahd I think they nailed it. I don't have time for bullshit, no matter if its design, development or corporate in nature.