Farbe am Stein

  • Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Website Design

“Farbe am Stein” is a tiny microbrand. It literally translates to “Color on Stone”. It was created out of necessity, when a family member asked for help with their business cards.

Table of Contents:

The client had specific preferences - so we started out with a combination of orange and a dark blue. This is still the main Scheme, but there are three secondary colors thought of, intended for future use.

Through an iterative Approach we were able to conclude with a Combination of “Dosis” and “Caveat Brush” for the business cards and the brand. They have a bit of an unusual format and feature rounded corners.

A Brand Manual was created to encapsulate and convey the usage of the visual brand, to ensure consistency.

The Process was noteworthy, because the client was very involved in different stages. I made a conscious effort to always provide a lot of choice. Here are some screenshots of the process from the rough sketch to the final product.