Here are some of the recent things I have taken the time to write down. Let me know what you think - oh, and please take it all with a grain of salt.

  1. Recapping the last 6 Months

    This little post aims to summarize reflect in the open, some of the things I have done since leaving my previous job.

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  2. Make Eleventy the next thing you learn

    You know some HTML, some CSS and some JavaScript - but where do you go from here? I think you should look at the Eleventy Static Site Generator!

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  3. Using parameters in your eleventy includes with nunjucks macros

    DRY out your code with parameterized includes, powered by nunjucks macros

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  4. Minimal SASS & eleventy Setup

    Use SASS in eleventy without additional build tools

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  5. Very simple Patterns with SVG

    How the pattern element in svg can be used to make simple patterns from images or svg shapes

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  6. Is it too late to start blogging?

    11 years into the web industry seems like a rather late point to start blogging. But I'm gonna attempt it anyway.

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