About me

Hello! My name is Thomas Michael Semmler and I am a Designer & Developer, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and Counsellor in Training under Supervision1 fom Vienna, Austria.

I really, really like making websites. I love designing them, writing code for them and I find meaning in helping people to more authentically express themselves on this amazing medium. Before discovering what it feels like to turn design into code, I spent a lot of my time wanting to just create. I wanted to be an illustrator, an artist and then a photographer, until I realized that I really wanted to be a web designer.

Though maybe that is also a bit too reductive, I didn’t want to be a web designer, I just wanted to turn design into code.

At some point while accidentaly discovering and playing around with HTML and CSS, something clicked. And then I was just hooked on this feeling of being able to turn what I carefully crafted to be nice to look at into something that also feels nice to interact with. And that’s what I’ve been primarily doing since then. For a short while I was also teaching people at SAE Vienna the basics of HTML and CSS.

If you wanna know more about my work experience, you can check out my timeline here.

Nowadays what I’m aligned with the most is Design Engineering, DesignOps, #a11y, small tech and the indie web.

1) auf Deutsch, in Österreich: Psychosoziale Beratung, Lebens- & Sozialberatung.